Tuesday, December 31, 2013

mary poppins

There is nothing better than Tuacahn with my mom and sisters. One of Mitzi and Macey's friends got us free tickets to Mary Poppins. Somehow we ended up with top of the notch seats. We didn't even know these special seats existed ha! They had cushions for our bums and water bottles for each person. We were on the third row right in the middle. Mary Poppins is probably the best show I have ever seen at Tuacahn. It was incredible.

Gubler Wedding

There is something special about being able to go to the temple sealings of friends. There is really nothing better! We were so hungry after the temple we went to Ernesto's for lunch. This picture won us a $10 gift card, yes please! Congrats Amberlee and Branson, your wedding was amazing!!

D-League Softball

Every Tuesday night was spent at the softball fields watching the West Fab softball team. They were in the D-League which is pretty much the worst league ha. I think the girls enjoyed it more than they boys did. We would sit and talk the whole game then try to remember when our husbands did something good so we could pretend we were watching. They were the champions of the league. We love softball!!

the big 2-0

My 20th birthday was a really great day! All my cousins and aunts were in town so my Grandma Gates took us all to Pizza Factory for lunch. What a sweetie. I love getting together with all these girls, it doesn't happen as often as it should! Later that night we went to Marv's for dinner with Alex's family. It was the perfect place to go because the little boys could run around and we could enjoy our dinner. Alex got me a Michael Kors purse/laptop case for school. I LOVE IT! He is the best at presents. I had a great day!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

sand hollow with the boys

Grandpa took us out to Sand Hollow for a lake day while John and Mikelle were in Hawaii. Macey and Kaleb joined us and we were glad to have the help with the little ones. We love going to the lake and the boys had such a good time! Thanks for the fun day Grandpa!!

our week with the boys

We did a lot of fun things with the boys during the week we spent with them. We....
ate lots of popsicles....
went and saw despicable me! Such a cute movie! We....
took a few naps. We....
had a yummy french toast breakfast at Kneaders...
We stopped at Pizza Factory for suckers and root beer & did lots of other things! We played with Ryker almost everyday, we went on lots of bike rides, and swam at the neighbors pool too. I saved my favorite picture for last. I got up at about 3:00 in the morning with Jett one night and while I was getting his bottle I noticed the light was on in the room where Ace and Linc were sleeping. I snuck in and found this...
Apparently the ground is comfier than their bed!

veyo with the boys

John and Mikelle went on a little getaway to Hawaii and we got to help babysit three of our favorite littles for a week! It was so much fun. We had a fun filled week. They count on us to be the fun aunt and uncle so we had a busy week keeping these three entertained! Since Aunt Heidi was down we were really brave and decided to take the boys to Veyo for a swim day. We brought along my little brother Ryker and they had so much fun. Ryker and Linc were our crawdad catchers. Ace wanted NOTHING to do with it. Jett was really interested in the water and kept wanting to get in but the water was cold and he would want to get out after being in just a few minutes. They have the best treats at Veyo and we had a really fun day!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

elder holland

One day I was at working selling car washes as I do best, and look who drove right up for a wash! While he was waiting for the inside of his car to be cleaned we had a good little chat. We talked about him seeing Abbey the week before and how she had emailed about their talk. He also said "Hafen and Gates, those families combined make the most powerful combination!" I am still trying to figure out what he meant by that but it was so good to see him. Such a sweet guy!

Friday, September 20, 2013

grandma's treasure hunt

Every year my Grandma picks up lots of prizes, lots of nickels, and a few gold dollar coins. She has some of the older cousins toss them out and all the kids scramble to find the nickels. She then sets up a store and they can purchase some dang good prizes for a nickel! What a deal! We love grandma's treasure hunt.

a talent show

Si, Willie, and Jep made an appearance at our talent show. These cuties acted out a scene of one of the episodes. It was hilarious. 
Ayden had his eye on the ball and bat prize but he didn't really want to do a talent. So I picked him up and we said the pledge haha. I took this picture when he picked up his prize and he was SO proud. Oh I love him.
Yes we did the fight song. This here is SC Alumni / current cheerleaders. We were missing Elsha and the fight song was very off but it was fun!
We had a raglan coast cheerleader with us for a week. There were lots of cheers and jumps all week long.
The cup song. Madie sang a solo because the other two bailed.
Crue did a somersault. He was practicing all week and could do them by himself, but when it came time for the talent show he was afraid and needed some help from his pretty mama!
We also had two Macho Men on the boat with us. They did push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, AND flexed for us. We are so lucky to have them;)
Thanks for the fun talent show guys, until next year!