Thursday, August 30, 2012

consider it sold

Today I sold my car! I am so so excited and so so sad at the same time! I have loved my car for the three years I have had it! I got it for my 16th birthday and it has treated me oh so well. These next couple pictures were taken on my 16th birthday I spent with my grandma because my whole family was out of town, and I will never let them forget the few birthdays in a row they missed of mine, not that I care I just like to give them a hard time haha, but luckily I had my sweet Grandma to spoil me on my birthday{s}!

Alex and I had been talking about getting me a new car, and when Alex mentioned it to his friend Taylor in class one day a kid in their class asked if we would sell it to him. Alex said yes, and then we never heard back from him, but Taylor decided he wanted to buy it for his cute wife Paige! So they did!
Tonight I drove my car for the last time since I will be passing along the keys tomorrow. As  I was driving it home from Pizza Factory I teared up ha! How embarrassing right? I started laughing hysterically when I realized how completely ridiculous I was being and I really am so excited to get my new car, I LOVE IT! Plus, it is my favorite color. I don't really think I was sad about giving up my car, I mean lets face it, its really nothing special, but I think that I was mostly scared about getting a new one! I feel so comfortable in my car and I really don't like driving anyone else's car, it's just not the same! I hope know I will get comfortable in my new car and I won't miss this one at all. I just hope that day comes soon! I'll post pictures tomorrow, yay, I am so excited!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

our wedding: part three {the reception}

Here it is folks, the last of the wedding picture overload! Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did, and still do. The wedding was so much fun and so much work, I am so glad for it to be over but I also kind of miss working on wedding plans it really was a good time, even though life has been such a blast now that we are married! Our reception was so much fun and the food was delicious! Enjoy...

 This is when Sadie came to tell us Jimmy (the photographer) told her she needed to put her plate down because every time he went to take a picture of her she was stuffing her face. My dad was crying he was laughing so hard, it was pretty dang funny!
 My sisters are so beautiful!!
 Thanks for the cake Jess, it was perfect! Plus you are famous now!
 It was the perfect day, and I am loving every minute of being married to Alex.