Sunday, June 24, 2012

party for two{s}

For our official honeymoon we booked the Mexican Riviera cruise with some friends of ours that were married three weeks before us. Even though the idea of a double honeymoon sounds a bit crazy, it was so much fun to drive down to California, and have someone we knew at our dinner table each night! 

On our way down, Alex and Taylor thought it was necessary to visit the largest thermometer in the world... it wasn't ha ha. 

The day we arrived at the ship was actually mothers day, so they handed out flowers at dinner to all the women. They also sang a little song to us that went something like this....happy honeymoon to you, kissy kissy, happy honeymoon to you, kissy kissy, happy honeymoon, happy honeymoon, happy honeymoon to you, kissy kissy. Then they announced to everyone at dinner that the boat was going to be rockin' tonight. ha. we were embarassed but it was so much fun!
That same night Alex felt it was necessary to have a map of Croatia drawn for him, because that was where our waiter Milan was from. This also was very unnecessary, but quite comical. 

Our first day in Cabo we went parasailing, ate at a local Mexican restaurant and spent the rest of the day shopping and enjoying the beach. That night our waiters danced to "low" on the tables for us, and we went to the punchliner comedy club. Such a perfect day!

One day we decided to take a little break and we sat on those chairs pictured to the right. Then all of a sudden we look over and an older, drunk woman stumbled then started on a full on sprint to the place where I am sitting. She stumbled again and face planted right on that corner. The worst part of it all was when she fell she put her hands behind her back instead of using them to help her catch her fall. She lifted up her head and blood was everywhere. It was a terrible sight, and Taylor was sick. For the rest of the night we kind of had a joke about people falling on their noses and each time Taylor would get queasy. We felt it was necessary to get a picture of this, and this time, it was. 

Our second day in Cabo, we went on a tour of Lover's Beach, and to the place where the Pacific ocean and the Gulf of California meet. It was so incredible and such a fun day. We did some shopping again that day, and we were sad to be leaving such a beautiful place.
We both forgot our dress up shoes. Whoops.
Our day in Puerta Vallarta was spent on a zip-lining adventure on the movie set of predator, and then to a tequila factory where there was free tequila! We didn't have any and neither did the other half of our group that was all from Utah, but it was still fun anyways!

I love and miss my warm chocolate melting cake that was full of calories. Paige and I both had one a day, plus another dessert. Yes please!

We had such a good time on our cruise, and we were so glad to be able to go with such good friends!