Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Kambree is so active these days, and she looves her daddy! I was doing laundry in her room, and I went to hang up a few shirts in our room, I came back to her pulling all her old clothes out of her drawers, I was seriously gone for two minutes silly girl! Later that evening Alex went out back to mow the lawn and Kambree smashed her face up right against the window in the door and cried until Alex came and got her. She was happy as could be to help dad mow the lawn. We sat outside and watched him do the whole yard. She is full of personality, I love it!

Sunday, March 29, 2015


If Britt ever needs a little cheerin' up, give him a giant bowl of whipped cream with a little bit of cobbler on the side, it will surely put a smile on his face! My parents had us and the Shipp family over for Sunday dinner, we also had an easter egg hunt, and dyed eggs the old fashion swiss way with red roots and onion skins. It was so good to see Britt doing so well, he was such a trooper letting Kambree crawl all over him! Britton has progressed so much, and I am so proud of him for working so hard, we sure love the Shipp family! Later that night we had some cousins come over, we had an egg toss with the leftover eggs, so fun! Alex and Laikenn were the winners, yay!

Friday, March 27, 2015


Kambree is going to be walking before we know it, she is so independent and wants to walk already! Thanks Grandma Gates for the easter bunny pictures, I love them ha!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


When Kambree plays in her crib, and falls asleep on her own, she always ends up sleeping in an awkward position!

Kambree says "da-da" all day long as of late, it is so cute! Sometimes she yells it really loud, and sometimes she almost whispers it. She is a silly girl, we love her!

Monday, March 23, 2015


Mondays are so tiring, but nothing Grandma's drawer of bags can't fix haha Kambree could empty those drawers over and over all day long if we let her. After a day spent at Grandma's we went to watch Alex play softball. It was all fun and games until we realized Kambree had a fat lip! I'm sad I didn't get an up close picture of it, it was pretty big! After I realized it was big I was in a panic because there had been bees outside my parents house that day. I called my mom and we both were freaking out a little bit, okay kind of a lot. After the games we took her to my moms and put her under a light looking for a stinger or some sort of hole, there was nothing and we were so relieved. She must have bumped it on something and we didn't notice, she is so active these days. & these two babies up there and my favorite, his mom and I are not so secretly wishing they would get married one day ha! 

Sunday, March 22, 2015


What a busy weekend! Saturday was officially my last day at Fabulous Freddy's. I have worked there for almost SIX years, and it has been a really great job for me. I am sad to leave, but I am overly excited to have Saturdays off, aside from vacations and rainy days, I always work on Saturdays! The card thing must be documented, Lori has always said that it is impossible to win the kings round of five crowns with "nary-a-nare" ha that means no wilds, and no jokeys. But i proved that theory wrong, after I won the game with "nary-a-nare". We get really into our card games, okay? Kambree got a new life jacket, and she loved it for about thirty seconds and then she really hated it. Alex and I could not stop laughing poor thing, I think we have pulled up that third picture thirty different times, it was taken during the transition of really excited to really mad and it is hilarious. Aunt Heidi came down for the weekend and we have had such a good time with her around, we wish she came down more! Kambree is obsessed with the "Believe for Britton" bracelets and she crawls all over the place with them dangling out of her mouth, she is so silly. Kam was exhausted by the end of the weekend, she even snuggled her daddy, she never snuggles anyone so we take it when we can get it. Happy Weekend!