Saturday, February 28, 2015


 We especially loves rainy Saturdays around here, because that means mom doesn't have to work, yay! We tried really hard to go watch Ryker's baseball games but it was freezing!! We didn't last too long. Instead we went to Pizza Factory for lunch with Alex's parents. We just relaxed in Santa Clara for a while and then headed over to my parents for the evening. It was a nice relaxing day, Kambree was wore out by the end and snuggled right up to dad, which NEVER happens!


I do realize that I posted a lot of videos, but I just can't get over this girl. She LOVES looking at herself in the mirror, and I hope she always does. When she realized what she was looking at, she thought she was the cutest thing around, and she is! I loved being a little fly on the wall and videoing her from behind the crib. You are beautiful, Kambree! + she loves playing with her daddy. I love nights at home together!

Friday, February 27, 2015


Kambree loves her Uncle Ryker so so much, he is always making her laugh, and she just adores him. My mom took her to Ryker's baseball games and gave her strawberries, she loves them. She got pretty tired though and couldn't fall asleep ha, I am obsessed with the picture of Kam and my mom, she just looks so tired, poor thing. She loves going to baseball games and being outside, but she especially loves her grandma's and her uncle ryker!

Thursday, February 26, 2015


I'm not quite sure what we are going to do with this crazy, busy girl. She is all over the place these days! She has started trying to pull herself up to everything, she just can't quite figure out how to get her legs untangled ha! She helped herself to the trash I had set by the door, and she has been trying really hard to stand up on her own. Things are getting busy, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

Monday, February 23, 2015


 We were hoping my parents pool would be finished by Kaleb's birthday so we could have a surprise swim party for him, we were quite surprised when we woke up on his birthday to snow!! I had clinic that day so all the kids helped watch Kambree, she was so entertained that she wouldn't go down for a nap silly girl, I was loving all the pictures I kept getting, she is such a stinker! That night we had buffalo wild wings for dinner, per the birthday boy's request. Kambree loved the onion rings, she takes after her momma, I have always loved onions! I think Kaleb had a pretty good birthday considering he got out of school for a "snow day." Happy Birthday uncle! We love you!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


We made a quick trip up to Salt Lake for the Matt + Jamie Condie wedding. Alex was asked to be one of his groomsmen. We got to stay at Heidi's house over the weekend since she was in Hawaii, it was so nice, Kambree loved Aunt Heidi's bathtub! The morning of the wedding we met Abbey, Jordan, and Chris at Pig and A Jelly Jar for breakfast. It is our very favorite breakfast in Salt Lake, the chicken and waffles is delicious! After breakfast we headed straight to the temple, Abbey was so sweet to walk Kambree around temple square so both Alex and I could go to their sealing. There is nothing I love more than going to temple sealings, they are always so amazing, and I love how different and special each wedding is. After the wedding we went out for pictures and I think Kambree was maybe frozen. She and I headed in to one of the buildings to get warm while everyone took pictures. It was a miserable time for the both of us. After pictures we headed over to the Joseph Smith Memorial building for the luncheon. Kambree had a blowout, and then finally a much needed nap. She slept through the whole luncheon, and our shopping trip at City Creek after the luncheon. She even stayed asleep through part of the reception, the girl was tired! She had a long day, but she was a pretty darn good girl. After the reception we went to Pei Wei for dinner, and finally called it a day. We were exhausted. We spent the night at Heidi's again and got up the next morning and headed home. Our trip was short, but so sweet! We are so happy for Matt and Jamie!

-we got home in time for Sunday dinner with our family, Kambree was soo excited to see the boys, I love her little laugh!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


 I was running so late, but I had to take a picture of my two favorites fast asleep. Oh i love them!
 Yes we just got our carpet cleaned. Kambree had a blowout on the clean carpet, so I went and put her in the bath and put new clothes on her, then I put her across the room while I went and got stuff to clean the carpet. I was gone for maybe a minute and came back and she had her hands in it. I was dying!! but we got it all cleaned up, and all was well!
going down to the corrals to see the new twin calves, and horse riding with grandpa and uncle kaleb!