Friday, September 20, 2013

grandma's treasure hunt

Every year my Grandma picks up lots of prizes, lots of nickels, and a few gold dollar coins. She has some of the older cousins toss them out and all the kids scramble to find the nickels. She then sets up a store and they can purchase some dang good prizes for a nickel! What a deal! We love grandma's treasure hunt.

a talent show

Si, Willie, and Jep made an appearance at our talent show. These cuties acted out a scene of one of the episodes. It was hilarious. 
Ayden had his eye on the ball and bat prize but he didn't really want to do a talent. So I picked him up and we said the pledge haha. I took this picture when he picked up his prize and he was SO proud. Oh I love him.
Yes we did the fight song. This here is SC Alumni / current cheerleaders. We were missing Elsha and the fight song was very off but it was fun!
We had a raglan coast cheerleader with us for a week. There were lots of cheers and jumps all week long.
The cup song. Madie sang a solo because the other two bailed.
Crue did a somersault. He was practicing all week and could do them by himself, but when it came time for the talent show he was afraid and needed some help from his pretty mama!
We also had two Macho Men on the boat with us. They did push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, AND flexed for us. We are so lucky to have them;)
Thanks for the fun talent show guys, until next year!

by the campfire

Hanging out by the campfire, trying to sing campfire songs. Failing miserably and resorting to primary songs. Roasting mallows. Having a guitar performance by cousins. and laughing about old memories. We had a really good night, I love my family so so much. 

minute-to-win-it on the lake

We have made minute-to-win-it a tradition out at Lake Powell, and every year Brandon and Jody come up with the best games. Things get crazy playing this game, our family is just a little  VERY competitive. 

they day everyone on Zephyr and Blue Moon had their noses waxed.

Yes. This happened. Here are some pictures to prove it.
Thanks for the fun time Lacey. I'm sure we will never forget it ha!


Our yearly tradition to Lake Powell with the Gates crew is easily my favorite. We eat good food, play games (cards, dominos, minute-to-win-it, + a few others) and have a lot of fun catching up with cousins. Alex and I got to stay the whole time this year, yay! Alex was a little sad that we didn't get to bring a wakeboarding boat with us, but we made the best of it! (The "Lan" only broke down a few times, and the motor only sunk to the bottom of the lake once ha, oops!) And now for the pictures.....
I can't wait to make this sweet things wedding video. I HAVE SO MUCH BLACKMAIL.
These three fished the week away. They ate, slept, and fished. All day everyday.
My Aunt Mary Dawn is a picker. She kept threatening Garrett that she was going to pick off his scab. Well she finally caved while they were fixing the boat. She just started picking. She didn't even say anything to him haha. We love her.
So Alex kept saying I was such a baby since I let go of the tube. I told him my pants were falling off and he didn't believe me. PROOF.
These two were something else. I honestly don't know how they came up with these poses. The boat was going probably five miles an hour ha so they entertained themselves. 
In the above two pictures the boat was probably going two miles an hour. They decided to make it look like the craziest ride of their lives. They also chose to imitate the girls and that, that was hilarious.
So boating was fun. Till the motor sunk to the bottom of the lake. Whoops. Lucky we had a spare!!
Alex fixed his hair real cute every night at the lake;)
Thank you for the fun trip Grandma we look forward to it every year. I was going to make one giant post of pictures, but there were just too many. There are more LP posts coming. I am finally getting around to blogging about it!