Sunday, April 29, 2012

i love to see the temple

I went there yesterday!
It was the most incredible experience, and I loved every minute of it!
I can't wait to go back and the Monday after our wedding we are going to do a session in the Salt Lake temple.
consider me giddy.

Thanks to all of my family and friends who came and supported me on this special day.
I can't wait to be sealed for time and all eternity to you on Saturday. Love you Al!

bridal shower{s}

I am seriously so excited! The wedding is coming up so soon, and I am positive that I have the greatest, most supportive family and friends in the world. I ended up having both my bridal showers on the same day, and I actually think it was kind of nice! I received so many thoughtful gifts and I am so grateful for the family and friends in my life! 

bridal shower: part 1

My cute grandma that threw the shower for me, and her twin sisters! 

 Me and my mom/twin. She really is the greatest and I love her so dang much!
 Grandma Vink and I

 Me, Lori, Grandma, Olivia, and Abs
 Abs and I
 Wendy, Me, and Kennedy
 Grandma, Kensey, Lacey, Me, Mads, Crue, Mary Dawn, and Olivia
{I love all of them so much, and they really are the best for throwing this amazing bridal shower for me. Thanks guys}
 Sue and I

bridal shower: part 2
 I have the greatest friends! They went full out and planned an amazing shower just for me! I felt really bad by the end of the day that so many people had done so much just for me, but I really am thankful and so blessed to have these people in my life. 

 Bryn surely knows the way to my heart!
 I LOVE MY FRIENDS. They are the cutest and made me this adorable quilt. Ah I love it so much and I have been packing it around to every ball game, you guys rock!

 Thanks to Jenna I have the dirtiest, most awful book in the world that I am contemplating throwing it into the fire. This is just an action shot of them ready this dirty dog book. 

 We played a game where they filmed Alex and asked him a whole bunch of questions, but I had to answer the question and then after I answered we would watch how he answered. If our answers didn't match up i would have to eat a whole piece of bubbalicious gum. Clearly, I don't know him all that well;)
Thanks everyone, I love you all!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012


April 9th is Al's birthday and I was determined to give him the greatest surprise he has ever had. The reason I decided to do that was first, because seriously every gift I have given to him thus far he has known about, and second, I figured that if I did something really great that I would be off the hook and back to my unsprising ways in no time! Great idea. Right? Well anyways, my dad ended up getting us free ticket {three rows from the bottom} on April 6th. That week I pulled so many strings and schemed up all sorts of stuff to keep him from knowing what was going on. I had to email two of his teachers and talk them into letting him take the tests the following week, which they surprisingly agreed to. I had to request work off for him, but have them still write his name on the schedule and give him fake shifts so that he wouldn't think there was anything up! On Thursday morning I went to his house and packed up all his stuff while he went to class and work and the luckiest part was that he never went home! After work he went straight to the gym and then straight to our 8:00-10:30 humanities class! I was ecstatic about that because if he would have gone home he would have noticed his toothbrush, deodorant, and half his closet missing. Then when I arrived to class I told him my sisters needed to borrow my car for the night so I needed to put all my stuff in his car so they could come get it. This is when I secretly loaded all of our bags into his car. I never gave his keys back and I hoped he wouldn't ask for them back, and as we were walking out of class I was like I think I will drive tonight as I ran to the car. When we got in I said in my most serious voice, "Al we need to go on a little drive, we need to talk." HA. I was trying so hard to not laugh my head off while I was saying this and Alex thought I was crying. {he later told me he thought I was breaking up with him, poor guy.} Well after we were safely on the freeway and he was freaking out, I said, "What if I told you I got you out of your two tests this week and you could take them next week, I got you out of work for the weekend, all of our stuff is packed for the weekend in the truck, we are headed up to Heidi's to spend a few days, and WE HAVE THIRD ROW TICKETS TO THE JAZZ GAME TOMORROW NIGHT. well, I must say I was expecting a little bit different reaction. He just sat there. He was trying to think if I had covered everything and by the time we arrived in Hurricane he was as giddy as could be, and made me pull over so he could drive the rest of the way. It was one of my favorite trips ever, he didn't have a clue in the world, and we had such a fun time! I love this boy more than anything in the world! Happy Birthday Al, I love you so dang much:)

{sorry about the blur, but this was hilarious! While we were at Tucanos for dinner I mouthed to the waiter that it was his birthday and Alex never saw, so when they came out singing he thought it was for someone else and I think he about died when he realized it was for him I was laughing so hard and he was bright red}

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

conference weekend

Conference weekend really is one of my favorite times of the year. I think it is so amazing that we are able to hear from our leaders twice a year, and I love the spiritual boost it gives me each time. This general conference we went up to the family cabin up in Pine Valley. Alex was able to attend the priesthood session up in Pine Valley with my dad and my brothers while all the girls stayed at the cabin and put wedding invitations together! The next day was my moms birthday {april fools day} and we watched the morning session of conference together, as well as eating a really yummy breakfast together consisting of french toast, bacon, fried eggs, and a diet coke to top it all off! For the afternoon session we went to Grandma Grace's house where she hosted a party with all the cousins! My new favorite tradition is getting my feet rubbed, lotion included, during conference by Grandma Grace! I told Alex I will never have to rub his feet again, when we move in he can just walk upstairs and get a footrub anytime he wants!

lake time

I cannot believe that we have already started to go to the lake! Our first lake trip this year was in mid-march and it was way to cold for me to even think about getting in! This lake trip made me so excited for the summer when we go to the lake once or twice a week and then for an eight day trip with all the cousins.

Jordan Boyce

Chris Oviatt

Carson Ence

Alex Hafen