Saturday, June 9, 2012

the loveshack

After our wedding day was over we headed up to my grandmas cabin in Pine Valley Mountain where we were greeted by our house full of decoration! The best thing about it is that we totally thought my grandma had done all the decorating and we thought it was so dang funny. We found out later that our friends had come up and done it for us but we loved it so much! We just got to relax the whole next day which was the greatest thing in the world, I was so happy to be stress free! No more wedding, no more school, and a big break from work! Yes please! It was much needed, I was desperate for a break!

Thanks to everyone who came and decorated our "loveshack" for us! We loved it, and we love you!


  1. hahahahah this is still so funny

  2. Look at you! You're a blogging machine, and I love it!! I'm glad you liked it :)