Tuesday, April 30, 2013

alex's birthday

This year for Al's birthday we had two different parities with the same people two days in a row. Let me tell you... it rocked! We had such a good time! 

Monday night was the day before his actual birthday but it was also the March Madness championship game. We ordered in Papa Murphy's pizza, had fresh fruit, C&S (chips and salsa), shrimp, and lots of treats! We had this party at Alex's parents with Grandma Hafen, Grandma Gates, Darlo and Grace, Hans and Lori, my parents and siblings, and John and Mikelle + the boys.

Tuesday night we partied at my parents house with pretty much all the same people, minus only a few. We had homemade Cafe Rio and fried ice cream for dessert, YUM!

Alex scored on the presents this year! I surprised him with some Oakley sunnies, and new outfit, he also got money and an apple TV!

Whenever I complain or am saying something negative, Alex always says, "Life's a garden, dig it." Well sometimes this simple phrase drives me crazy but hey, life's a garden, so I will just have to deal with it. I decided to make a print for our house and I bought a cheap frame from Michaels and spray painted it red. It turned out pretty cute and Al really liked it!

Happy Birthday sweet boy, I love you so!

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