Friday, June 14, 2013


Clark and Alyssa decided to tie the knot, and we were so so happy for them. The only downside was that they were going to have their wedding the weekend before finals at Dixie State. Alex was so worried he wouldn't be able to go, Clark was his very favorite mission companion. One way or another Alex got it figured out with school and we were so happy to have a little weekend getaway. We had such a great weekend together!

We drove up Friday afternoon & got there just in time for the wedding dinner. We didn't really know to many people, but we made friends ha! After dinner we got gelato on 9th and 9th and it was sooo good! Then we went to Heidi's house and watched Grey's Anatomy till we fell asleep. It was a good day. 

Saturday morning Alex went and picked up Einstein's for breakfast which was a real treat. (I am so excited that we are getting one in St. George!!!) We got ready and headed to the temple. The ceremony was amazing and we were so happy that we decided to come. After the ceremony we had some time to kill so we went to Costco and stopped for the biggest cokes we could find. About an hour later we went to the luncheon and ate some good food! That night we met up with some of Alex's friends for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, and then stayed up wayyy to late playing Mario Kart, phase 10, and just talking and laughing about the dumbest of things. 

Sunday morning we picked up a box of Krispy Kreme's on our way out of town and headed home. It was a perfect weekend!

cute bouquet Clarky:)



  1. Love that Gelato place! And no way, are we really getting an Einsteins?!!! Where?

    1. It was so yummy! We are getting the Einsteins by chick-fil-a and blue linen boutique. Somewhere over there any way ha!