Thursday, August 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Kambree!

Welcome to the world little Kambree!

Thank goodness for snapchat! (or picture messaging, whatever!) Since I had to wait a while before I could go to the NICU I would have Alex send me lots of pictures! I was soo anxious to see her & jealous that everyone got to see her before I did!
 Alex kept referring to me as "grandma" because I had a hard time walking, so rude! I knew he was kidding but I really did struggle getting around! 
 I was thrilled to finally meet my baby girl, I had been waiting far too long for that sweet moment.
 The cutest dad I have ever seen, I love seeing these two together!
We had lots of fun visitors & I was so happy to finally meet my sweet little babe. July 1st was one for the books! Happy Birthday Kam Kam!

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