Monday, November 17, 2014

swiss days 2014

 This years swiss days was a rainy one! Yay for me since i didn't end up having to work, but sad for the runners, the paraders, and the small business' who had set up their booths! We headed over to santa clara and my mom watched Kambree while Alex and I headed over for navajo tacos, my favorite! Alex's brother had just gotten the little boys lunch so we ended up eating together, so fun! Then Alex's parents joined us too. After lunch we went and saw the museum in the new city office building, I had no idea it was there and it was amazing! After Sadie got home from her day date I did her hair and helped her get ready for the dance, I was so glad she asked me! After she left for the dance Alex and I went on a date! A DATE! We went to Benja's for dinner and we went bowling afterward, I sure love that Alex! After our date we picked up Kambree and headed over to the Chase and Bailee Frei's wedding reception. It was gorgeous! Then we tried reallyyy hard to get the babies in the photobooth together and it was really hard/hilarious. Paige and I were crying we were laughing so hard. Try getting babies to cooperate in a photo booth, its a good time! It was a busy, amazing day. I love my family!

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