Friday, June 5, 2015


Kyle was the last of Alex's group of friends to get married, so we headed up north for the weekend to celebrate with them. Kambree was obsessed with her new sunnies and played with them for a good, long while, on our way up! Yay for easy entertainment! When we arrived in Provo we met up with Alex's brother, Eric, and the Fred's for dinner. It was so yummy! The rest of the weekend was filled with good food, friends, and wedding festivities, we were so busy i hardly took any pictures. kambree loved all the cushions in our hotel room and played for a long time. We went to the mall and Kambree saw a puppy. The lady insisted we get their picture, and Alex and I were holding back laughter the whole time, it was so awkward haha. Our ride home was so good, Kambree slept the whole way, wahoo! She was happy to be home & playing with her own toys! Happy wedding, Kyle and Katie!

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