Thursday, January 1, 2015


 Her chins! I am obsessed with those cheeks and her cute little face!
We had a really great Christmas party at Brad and Bizzy's house this year! We had fiesta platters from Don Pedro's for dinner, (my favorite!!) followed by a talent show and a nativity. All the kids had a great time showing their talents and they decided Kambree needed one too! She had just recently started sitting up, so she sat for her talent, it was very impressive. We tried to get her to roll, but she just ended up staring at the crowd. She's pretty talented! It was all fun and games when Linc fell forward into a chair and ended up getting a couple stitches in his head, dang it! Good thing he is tough! That night Kambree had a hard time getting to sleep so we went on a pretty long ride, and she still didn't fall asleep. Then we decided we would just sit in the front seats of the car parked in the driveway and hang out. She really thought she was something special getting to sit in the front. Oh i love that girl!

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