Tuesday, February 10, 2015


For my birthday (in july) i really wanted a sewing machine & my mom and dad surprised me with one! I just haven't gotten it out until now ha so sad! I also got some gingher shears for Christmas, so I decided to use them during Kam's nap one day! & I think molly & the ginghers sounds like a good band name! So I have that awful mama bear shirt that I have put in the DI pile maybe five times, and Alex keeps getting it out! (I won that shirt, I did not buy it!!)  He knows its ugly, but he insists that I wear it, I never have! I thought if I cut it up he couldn't try to get me to wear it anymore, but you know, crop tops... ha! The sewing job is TERRIBLE on the maxi skirt, but you would never know that unless you looked at it real close. I figured out my mistakes and I am excited to make her another one! On a side note, we put Kambree in her crib and she played for a while then fell asleep all on her own, and she looked so cute!

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