Saturday, May 9, 2015


I cannot believe we finally did it! Ah I have so been looking forward to this day, and honestly it didn't really feel like it would ever come! I am so so happy to be done with school, I really loved it but I am so excited to be home more, that is what I want more than anything! Alex will be starting school in the fall again, but we are two semesters away from being completely done. We did it, I am proud of us, it was a really hard year, but so so worth it! I couldn't have done it without Alex, we have seriously been such a team. We both do the cooking, cleaning, and bum changing. We give and we take and we have both had to pitch in. I love him so much, and even though it has been hard, I can't imagine life without Kambree. Hooray for graduation!!

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