Friday, May 15, 2015


Kambree's Weekend
Our Weekend
Alex and I headed down to Las Vegas for the weekend since I had signed up to take my registry that Saturday, and it worked out just great that his cousin was getting married in Las Vegas that same day! I didn't know that when I signed up! We stayed at the Rio and ate really good food! Fried artichokes are amazinggg! I took my test early Saturday morning and PASSED! What an amazing feeling, everything I have worked so hard for the last two years finally paid off! It was nice to relax and enjoy the rest of the wedding festivities! We went to the Las Vegas temple and the ceremony was amazing. In between the temple and the dinner we did a little shopping and went to popeyes for a little treat. We got the biggest drink and the largest cajun fries and they charged us completely wrong. We could not contain our laughter and we had the best time together. The reception and dinner was gorgeous, her parents are florists, I am so mad I didn't take pictures of everything. The floral arch on the front door was incredible! Congrats Kacy and Emma!

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