Sunday, April 29, 2012

bridal shower{s}

I am seriously so excited! The wedding is coming up so soon, and I am positive that I have the greatest, most supportive family and friends in the world. I ended up having both my bridal showers on the same day, and I actually think it was kind of nice! I received so many thoughtful gifts and I am so grateful for the family and friends in my life! 

bridal shower: part 1

My cute grandma that threw the shower for me, and her twin sisters! 

 Me and my mom/twin. She really is the greatest and I love her so dang much!
 Grandma Vink and I

 Me, Lori, Grandma, Olivia, and Abs
 Abs and I
 Wendy, Me, and Kennedy
 Grandma, Kensey, Lacey, Me, Mads, Crue, Mary Dawn, and Olivia
{I love all of them so much, and they really are the best for throwing this amazing bridal shower for me. Thanks guys}
 Sue and I

bridal shower: part 2
 I have the greatest friends! They went full out and planned an amazing shower just for me! I felt really bad by the end of the day that so many people had done so much just for me, but I really am thankful and so blessed to have these people in my life. 

 Bryn surely knows the way to my heart!
 I LOVE MY FRIENDS. They are the cutest and made me this adorable quilt. Ah I love it so much and I have been packing it around to every ball game, you guys rock!

 Thanks to Jenna I have the dirtiest, most awful book in the world that I am contemplating throwing it into the fire. This is just an action shot of them ready this dirty dog book. 

 We played a game where they filmed Alex and asked him a whole bunch of questions, but I had to answer the question and then after I answered we would watch how he answered. If our answers didn't match up i would have to eat a whole piece of bubbalicious gum. Clearly, I don't know him all that well;)
Thanks everyone, I love you all!!

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