Wednesday, August 8, 2012

happy one year kissing day to us!

August 8th, 2011 was the first time Alex laid one on me, and since then on the eighth of every month we have always said something along the lines of, "Happy six month kissing day," or however many months it had been. Anyway, I decided to celebrate our one year kissing day by surprising him with a whole lot of decorations when he got home from work! I love my guy, I seriously can not believe I have been kissin' on him for a whole year now ha!
 This says MUAH. Well it is suppossed to anyways ha Alex said it looked nothing like MUAH, but hey I tried!

I am also really glad that X's mean kisses instead of O's! It would have been much harder to do O's with these streamers!

 I actually made this for Alex for Valentines Day, but it matched so I decided to make it part of the display anyways ha!

 Thanks to my mom who helped me make all the yummy sugar cookies, even though I know she didn't have time she helped me anyways! Love you mom!
 I don't think Lowe's likes me anymore, I "borrowed" some of their paint samples for the ombre heart chain!

I was REALLY pressed for time when I was putting the cookies on the tray because Alex was going to be home any minute, so I decided to put two of the cookies that I couldn't fit on the tray in the oven so that Alex would not see them when he walked in the door. I forgot I put them in there and I also forgot that there was a cookie pan with a plastic lid. oops. I preheated the oven as I went to make dinner and I was defrosting the chicken in the microwave at the same time I was preheating the oven so when the smoke started filling the room I figured it was because I put the chicken on a paper plate. It wasn't. I realized a little bit later the microwave wasn't the problem, at least the cookies are plenty done! 
It has been a great year Alex! Love you so much!

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