Monday, August 20, 2012

it's a wrap {summer 2012}

I officially had one extra day of summer today, since the one class I was supposed to have was cancelled. Yes please! This summer has treated me way too well, we have been crazy busy but we found time to have fun too! 

It all started with two really great bridal showers in the same day!

 I went through the temple
 I married this handsome guy right here! 
You can see our engagements and bridals here and here.
Our wedding video here,
And everything from our wedding day here, here, and here.
Reception photos coming soon:]
Went on a few honeymoons... read about them here, here, or here.
Went to the lake more times than we can count!
We celebrated the fourth of July
This cute Grandma of mine took us to Lake Powell for a week!
I had a birthday!
Went to Vegas once or twice.
Had our one year kissing day/my new favorite holiday!
We had a BBQ with friends

And tonight I went to Tuacahn's Aladdin with my mom and sisters + Ryker! I must say Aladdin was truly the best show I have ever seen at Tuacahn, it was so so good. This summer was so great, Sad to see the summer go, but I am definitely ready to be back to studying and having an actual schedule. By the time school starts each year I am very ready to go back. I love having a set routine along with a large collection of to-do lists. Until next year summer, you have treated us well! 


  1. LOVE this. You really did have such a good summer!

  2. I might have just looked at every one of the links in this post. ADORABLE!