Sunday, November 11, 2012

i am grateful for YOU

Dear Alex,
     Lately I have been stressed out of my mind with school and work, and you have been so good to me. I love that you are always trying to make me laugh. When you start a sentence off with "I think I maybe heard one time that sometimes..." it makes me laugh no matter what the rest of the sentence is. Usually you say this when you want something from me and usually the end of the sentence is completely random and so so weird. Thanks for forcing me to go and buy Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations when I leave the Fourth of July decorations up till mid-October. You are too sweet to me, and you make all the other girls jealous. I am lucky girl. When I attempt to go for a run in the morning in shorts and a t-shirt then complain about frozen limbs and snot flowing down my face and you come home with running gear for me. You are always so thoughtful and I appreciate it a lot. Thanks for giving me blessings before my tests, I know I usually ask you the night before when I am stressed and full of tears but I know that it helps me and I am so grateful I can call on you at anytime to give me a blessing. On the rare occasion that I make dinner and/or dessert thanks for being appreciate. I know it hardly ever happens and sometimes it isn't very good, but you always eat it all and tell me how good it is. Also, thanks for never complaining about eating cereal for about 2/3 of your meals. Sometimes when I am stressed you make me go on walks with you around our apartment and you show me around like I am a tourist in my own apartment, I love these silly things we do. Thanks for working so hard. You are going to school and working too but you do so much around the house, just know it doesn't go unnoticed and your wife sure appreciates it. In a few weeks when this semester gets over I promise you will have your wife back, until then, good luck! Thanks for the last six months sweetie, they have been so great! I love and appreciate all you do! I am grateful for you Alex!


  1. This is precious. It's fun hearing about Alex in this way.

  2. you guys are so cute! i love reading your little blog!

  3. LOVE this. miss you and al, a lot.

  4. Just subscribed. =)

    He used to eat my food too even if it wasn't that good. ;-)