Monday, November 26, 2012

we gave thanks

Our thanksgiving break was a much needed break and I am so sad to say it is over. I had big plans to study, craft, and put up Christmas over the break but the first of the three was replaced with a whole lot of family time (FT) which was just the best. Alex and I worked a ton over the break which was kind of a bummer but it was nice to get a few extra shifts in and since our coupon books are on sale at Freddy's I have been making thirty+ dollars an hour when I count in my commission. Not to shabby. The day before Thanksgiving we had dinner at my Uncle Mike and Aunt Wendy's house. Everything was so good, my grandpa pulled a few little stunts and we decided we should just be grateful to have him here while we do even though he does some crazy weird things! Then we headed to my parents house to watch the movie "Arthur Christmas." If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it, it is one of the cutest Christmas shows! On Thanksgiving day we woke up and helped prepare food for both my family and his and then we went upstairs for the Esplin family Thanksgiving lunch! Everything was so so good and we stuffed ourselves silly. Then we went to my Grandma Gates' house for dessert and then to the movie "Rise of the Guardians," with the whole Gates clan. I actually really liked the movie, one part made me jump and Alex was totally embarrassed and mocked me the rest of the day ha. After the movie we went over to Alex's parents and Mormon Bridge. One of his cousins in Idaho even played with us over facetime! That night we decided to do a little black Friday shopping, we didn't have anything in mind to buy but we thought it would be fun just to go. We started at Wal-Mart which surprisingly was soo organized, we didn't buy anything, but it was fun anyways! Then we headed to the outlet malls where we just shopped around, filled up on hot chocolate, and had a good time. Then we went to Dick's sporting goods and we got Alex some Nike sweats and an Under Armour hoodie HALF PRICE! It was nice for me, because I was planning to get up and head to Big 5 at four AM. yes please. After Dick's we went home and went right to sleep. Alex went to Staples at 5 in the morning and I went to CAL ranch store at 6. Neither of us know what the other one bought ha but we do know what stores the other one went to. I am mostly done with Christmas now too which rocks! The next day I worked 8-5 which was super long since I was so sleepy. Then I went to my parents and worked on a Christmas banner while Alex worked! The next day I worked 8-5 again and then I met my family for dinner at PFE which was nice because Alex was able to come eat with us while he was working! Then my mom and I went to see the movie "Pitch Perfect." There was a little girl sitting next to me that LOVED to talk to me during the movie. She would say things like, "Hey, just so you know, they end up winning my mom has seen this before," or "I hope fat Amy rips her jacket off in the next song, I loved that." Then she asked me where I was from and then continued to tell me she was from Las Vegas, Nevada. Everytime I laughed, she would look over at me then bust up laughing, otherwise, the movie was pretty good. After the movie we headed over to the Boyce's for the Jazz game and OJ's by Cindy! We love you Cindy and your yummy treat! Sunday we just relaxed, we had a long week and we were tired. We had lunch at my parents house, and then my family came over to help us put up Christmas and we watched out favorite Christmas movie of all time, Christmas Vacation. It never gets old! 

Laikenn and I love chocolate pie
Our house is officially ready for Christmas, and a post is on its way... one of these days:)

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