Sunday, November 11, 2012

halloween {better late than never}

Since school has consumed my life this semester I am just now getting to talking about Halloween. This year Alex had class pretty much all day and I worked at the hospital. After I got off work we headed over to my Grandma Gates' house for soup, breadsticks, and white chocolate ghost suckers. What would Halloween be without those ghost suckers my grandma makes every year? She's a champ and I love that she makes so many that she has leftovers in her fridge for the next month and I can enjoy them whenever I want! After dinner we headed up to my parents house to make sugar cookies with my family! After we were done making cookies, we went to our house and had Paige and Taylor Langston, and Chris and Danica Oviatt over to watch the Jazz game. Since we live in a basement apartment we had no trick-or-treaters which made me sad. Us girls decided to paint pumpkins instead of watch the Jazz game, I started doing polka dots on my pumpkin but i pretty much ruined it so I painted it tie-dye instead. There are no pictures though because it was awful and I ended up peeling the paint off the next day ha. Even though we weren't very festive this Halloween it was still a fun one! I guess you could say I am kind of a Halloween Grinch, I hate scary things and I get scared really easy. Maybe one day when I have cute babies to dress up and take trick-or-treating I will like it, but until then I am happy to stay at home and watch the Jazz rock it. 


 This little Crue boy was the cutest grandpa from the movie UP, we sure love him!

 My Grandma always has a Halloween tree, and we each have an ornament with our name on it!

These two played COD after the Jazz game and they weren't very happy to have their pictures taken. oops. Oh well, Happy Halloween, even if it is 12 days late!

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  1. I'm a Halloween Grinch as well. Having a cute baby didn't change how I felt about it, but dressing her up was fun.