Monday, August 19, 2013

primary ice cream party

To make sure our five (sometimes six) little eight year old girls behave themselves in primary we bribe them with a party. Oops. Every week they get one point for each person being there, and one point for each person that brings their scriptures to class. Then as the class goes on they get extra points if they are good, they pay attention, and they answer questions. If they are loud, and don't pay attention we "take away points." (We haven't ever actually taken away points but tell them we are going to ha! so mean!) Once they reach a hundred points they get a party of their choice. They chose to have an ice cream party. I made little ice cream cones for the invitation. They took wayyy to long, but I was pretty proud that I didn't even get that idea off pinterest! We ate lots of ice cream, played the game "spot it," and they played tag whatever else outside. I also set up a little photo booth and they got a little carried away ha. It was so fun & so good to have over with! 

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