Sunday, August 11, 2013

a spontaneous trip to park city

     My mom had been telling us that we needed to get work off to come up north for my little brothers' baseball tournament and we honestly didn't think we could get it figured out. Alex and I ended up getting work off very last minute and we drove up to Park City with my dad and my sister Macey. 
     We arrived in Park City just in time to watch my brother Kaleb play until it poured on us. We were really sad it rained because instead of cancelling the game they just postponed it for a half hour and we were seriously hungry so that was a bummer. They finished the game and we went to Dickey's for dinner. YUM! 
     The next day we watched baseball, we slid down the alpine slides and we shopped! I loved being up there with my family and it was sure worth it to get work off! Saturday night we stayed at the Kimball. I sure love that place. One of the rooms had the biggest jacuzzi. We somehow talked all the boys into coming in for pedicures. Well kind of. We all just sat around the jacuzzi, talked, and soaked our feet. Then we all took the file to our feet, followed by giving & getting footrubs with burts bee's foot lotion. It was so relaxing! 
     Sunday we slept in. Yes please. Then we took a tour of the conference center, it was incredible. I need to go to a conference session ASAP. We walked around temple square for a while until we decided to go see the new(ish) Joseph Smith movie. It was so incredible, I cannot believe it took me so long to see it. I was bawling like a baby so I slipped my sunglasses on before they even turned the lights on ha. After the movie we headed home, what a fun trip that was. I love my family, and I love spending time with them. Thanks for the fun trip Gates crew!
Kaleb got to act as Joseph Smith on the tour ha, he obviously loved it. 

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