Friday, January 11, 2013

lucky us

During school this semester I literally had zero time to even think about Christmas. I decided to get Al tickets to a Jazz game probably two days after school ended, when my brain started functioning again ha. My dad's cousin has seasons tickets so I actually got a way sweet deal, we were on row nine at a Jazz vs. Clippers game and our two seats split half court! 

When we got up north we met with one of Alex's favorite mission companions for lunch at CPK, our favorite restaurant. We did some shopping before the game and ended up in a big rush to the game so being as fancy as we are we made a quick trip to McDonalds before the game in City Creek. Alex got our food while I tried to find a place for us to sit. I noticed some ladies getting up so I hurried over and sat down. Little did I know that it wasn't my greatest idea to take that particular table. After I sat down the mother of the kids on the table next to me rushed over and made a really big scene about how they weren't fast enough to beat me to the table and I was feeling pretty dang awkward by then. When Alex finally got there we started to chow and pretty soon the grandma of this clan comes over and says, "hey since you beat us to this table, can we have it when you are done?" Of course we said yes and continued to eat. Well then grandma #2 of this family starts patrolling the row of tables and is questioning everyone to see if they have finished yet. I was appalled. A few minutes later these ladies came over and asked if they could borrow two of the chair at our table since someone had taken theirs. We said yes, but Grandma #1 would not have any of that. SHE TOLD THEM TO PUT THE CHAIRS BACK BECAUSE SHE HAD CALLED THE TABLE NEXT. It was all we could do to hold in our laughter, this was insane. 

After we finished our nuggets we headed to the game and seriously loved every minute. It was a bummer that the Jazz lost but they put up a fight and made it a fun game to be at. After the game we headed back to City Creek to get a treat before we called it a night. Apparently City Creek closes at ten and we were bummed. Because of this we had to take the long way back to our hotel and as we were passing past the side of our hotel Alex saw Dave Rose and the rest of the BYU basketball team in the hotel we were staying at. We went in and as we were waiting in line for the elevators they just happened to be leaving their meeting. We talked to Dave for a little while when he asked us what our plans were for the next day. We said we were planning on going to the temple but didn't have any plans otherwise. He said, "well why don't you come to the game I will put tickets for you in will call just text me tomorrow and remind me." That night Dave let us know there were tickets waiting for us, we were glad that we didn't have to text him and bother him on game day, but we were thrilled.

 The next morning we went and did sealings in the Salt Lake Temple. Word of advice: never do sealings in the Salt Lake Temple on a Saturday morning, there will be a really short supply of sealers due to their crazy amount of weddings! 

We went to the BYU game at noon and it was such a fun game! Our tickets were almost exactly across from where we had sat the night before at the Jazz game and on row 10! Sweet seats! We sat next to Elder and Sister Coleman, he had just been released from the quorum of the seventy and they were hilarious. He would constantly say things like, "Number 11 has 11 points," or "Number 4 has 4 fouls." Sister Coleman also took notes on the whole game which I thought was pretty funny. 

After the game we did some shopping and then met up with Heidi, Abbey, and Grant for dinner at P.F. Chang's. Alex and I had never been there but I don't know that we will be going back. I guess we are more Panda Express kind of people.  We laughed about pretty much everything at dinner and I really enjoyed the Great Wall of Chocolate (all by myself) and I hated the styrofoam in the noodles ha. We got up the next morning made a quick trip to visit Abbey and headed home. It was such a great trip! 

yes i did eat this whole thing myself. yum!


  1. Such lovely pictures! the food looks lovely! :) Looks like you had lots of fun!! x

    1. the food was seriously amazing... ha ha obviously!

  2. love this post! and i seriously LOVE that picey of you and Al in front of the lights. DC! dang cute!

  3. Oh that cake looks mighty delicious! I love these photos! :)