Thursday, January 3, 2013


there are times when you find your favorite treat of the season, and the next year you completely forget about it until there is only one week left of december. It is times like these when you have to kidnap your husband, covering his face with your failed attempt of a cowl neck scarf and try and drive mysteriously to dairy queen. on your way there your husband guesses where you are taking him and removes the... face mask? when you arrive at dairy queen THEY ARE CLOSED FOR THEIR WORK PARTY. what a bummer. then a couple days later you remember that you really want to go and you pick up one of those peppermint blizzards with chocolate shavings and a whole lot of whipped cream and make your way to the Snow Canyon Basketball Game at the Burns Arena where you then place both blizzards in your wife's purse. Once you are seated you realize there were no spills and you enjoy your treat. until next year peppermint blizzard, sad we only got one. 

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