Saturday, January 5, 2013

one year

Last year on Christmas Eve Alex popped the question, it was such a surprise and it made Christmas that much better. This year I was supposed to work the 8-5 shift but due to rain I ended up working from 10-4 which was actually pretty nice. After work Alex and I headed over to eat homemade cafe rio at his parents house followed by the Christmas Eve program. We love the Christmas Eve program, it never fails to entertain. This year there was an on stage fight over where to stand, and a little boy with the grooviest hip swings. After the program we went to Alex's parents again. Then to my Grandma Gates' for dessert, the reenactment of our savior's birth, and story time. Each year my Grandma reads, "The Christmas Eve Story" written by my Great Grandma Gates. It is the cutest story and a few years ago my cousin Kensey illustrated it and made a book of it. This story is probably one of my favorite traditions and I love watching my Grandma tell it each year. After we finished up at my Grandmas we went up to my parents to open up pajamas. We were super tired so we went home and went straight to bed. 

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