Monday, July 22, 2013

a weekend of FT (family time)

     Before Abbey left on her mission she really wanted to have a weekend full of family time. It started off with a family tennis tournament. Heidi and I were like realllyyy good. So we were terrible, what of it? We had a lot of extended family come too so it was just one big party. Eric ended up being the champion of the tennis tournament they Abbey & the boys were so into it, it was a crack up! 
 The next day was Sunday, also the day Abbey gave her farewell talk. Her talk was so good, she talked about her series of unfortunate events. Read about it here. I loved how she took such a negative experience and decided to look at it with a positive attitude. I love that Abbey girl. We had a lunch with friends and family and Hans and Lori's house afterword, and then we played cards and relaxed the rest of the day.

     Monday we did a session at the temple with all of the siblings and Hans and Lori. It was incredible to be in the temple with the whole family it was simply amazing. After the temple we had lunch at Sakura, and that, was an experience. We did the Hibachi dinner, it was so yummy and we had a really good time.
It's all about the sister pic, love this girl!

     After lunch we picked up the little boys, my sisters babysat them while we were at the temple and lunch, and we had a little family home evening. We had all written down things that we will miss and won't miss about Abbey when she is gone and she wrote something she will and won't miss about each of us. The things people came up with were seriously so funny. We love Sister Hafen and miss her lots! It was such a wonderful weekend, we are so blessed to have such a wonderful family. 
Action shots of us trying to catch the shrimp at Sakura. Obviously a very talented group we are. It was really bad lighting in Sakura so the pictures are terrible, but you get the point. Thanks for the fun weekend Abbey!

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