Friday, July 12, 2013

state baseball

    Our Friday was spent watching the playoffs for state softball. The girls didn't end up winning so we decided that we would get work off and head up north early in the morning to watch the boys play baseball. We got up at 4:30 AM and were on the road by 5:00. We were SO tired. It was hard to stay awake but we made it safely! We got to the game probably twenty minutes before it was scheduled to start but then the rain came and the game was delayed. We were so bummed. We got up so dang early and drove fairly quick and we ended up sitting there waiting for the rain to clear for an hour and a half. The JV baseball team was pretty great entertainment. They put on catchers gear and used baseball bats to joust. It was hilarious. The boys ended up playing three games that day and they won all three. They took state! That surely made the trip well worth it! My cousins Clint and Riley both pitched, they did an amazing job. I love warrior baseball! Congrats boys!
We also enjoyed ball game hamburgers, the messiest way possible of course!

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