Saturday, July 27, 2013


On June 27th we hurried up to Thanksgiving point after work to get up to the wedding dinner. The venue was so nice and we had a lot of fun. We were pre-warned that there was going to be a flash mob sometime during the dinner. How cute are they? The bride had no idea what was going on, most people didn't. We didn't know the dance but we just went with it. 
All the boys at the SLC temple on Friday morning. 
I got to hold this sweet babe for over an hour. She was so little, I couldn't get enough of her! I love newborns!
After the wedding all the boys went golfing so of course I went on a solo date. Heidi (My SIL) recommended Flatbread Neopolitan Pizzeria. It was so yummy! I highly recommend it!
After I had lunch I found a little place where I could get a pedicure! It was so cheap, but so fancy! They  even dipped my feet in wax.
Saturday morning the boys went golfing so once again I was solo. I went to Pig and A Jelly Jar for chicken n' waffles. and it was amazing. It was so strange. They even suggested putting hot sauce on it which made it even better! 
We also went to Sammy's one night for shakes. They bake pies every day and then put them in a shake. Yum!
Oops. Abbey has P-day on Saturday's so I sent her an email letting her know I would be in the area around noon because I was planning on sending her something from the BYU bookstore. She didn't reply for a long time, so I ended up going to lunch at Zupas with Alex and a few of his friends. I decided to check my email and Abbey said she would be going to the temple around 1:40 and it would be fun if we drove by! Alex knew exactly where they would be walking so we hustled up to the Provo temple and sat up by the walkway to wait for her. She had no idea. We saw her walking up and one of the girls she was with pointed us out. We literally talked to her for two minutes. We took a picture, she introduced us to all the girls in her area and that was that. The first thing she said was no tears. I had no tears I was thrilled to see her even if it was for two minutes. I miss that cute missionary!

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