Monday, July 22, 2013

kick her to the curb

     Here is the story of Abbey's curb kick. We rode up Wednesday morning and met the whole fam at Guru's for lunch. After lunch we headed to the MTC. We walked down and took some pics, and then piled in the car where we took a REALLY CUTE picture. (it was terrible, i refuse to post it, I honestly don't know why we thought that would be a cute photo op ha!) Then we pulled up to curb kicker #20. I will never forget what number we pulled up to, because Lori insisted that we take so many pics of the sign ha. We piled out and got Abbey's luggage out, we each gave her a hug and off she went. It was so fast which was a good thing I think. Then we left. That was it. It was like so fast, I couldn't believe she was gone just like that. We miss and love that girl.

     After the curb kick we went and checked into the hotel and watched Hans new favorite show "ridiculousness" for a good chunk of time. We really could not decide what to do. Finally we decided to hurry to the movie "Now You See Me" which was soo good. I highly recommend it!  
     The rest of the weekend was filled with good food and shopping. (Alex and Hans LOVE shopping ha!) We were always asking what Abbey was doing and what she was wearing. Alex was getting sick of us asking because we just figured he should know what she was doing all the time ha. It was such a fun weekend. One of the best moments was when Lori, Heidi, Alex and I went to 9th and 9th for gelato and on the way there I saw a sign that said, "huge cherries, berries, corn, melon, local peas." It was just listed on a sign on the corner of the street and for some reason I just started singing it in a very high pitched quiet voice. I said everything but "local peas." & after a few seconds Alex finished in a really high pitched quiet voice and said "local peas." We all lost it, it was hilarious. That was one of my favorite memories of that trip, and we found ourselves saying it over and over. I love my family. 
This was in the little gelato place we went to, so of course we had to get the Queenie of the fam's picture!

    While we were eating gelato, and going to dinner at a yummy place called Malagros, Hans and Eric were at the Ben Folds/Barenaked Ladies concert, ha! The best thing was when they were on their way home that night Hans had called Lori to tell her about the concert... Lori said something about seeing him post one or two pictures on instagram because we had been laughing about how he had posted SEVEN pictures that night. He was so excited about it and said well I posted like six or seven pictures, didn't you see them. Ha it was too good, he had no idea we were actually laughing about it. 
     We had Heidi and one of her good friends Michelle over at the hotel one night to play five crowns with us. I had never heard of it until I became a part of Alex's family, but it is easily my favorite game. We are so competitive and we laugh until we cry every time we play. It is also a must to post the scores on the microwave at home, so we were so excited when we had a microwave in the hotel ha! 
It is kind of hard to see, but we had to keep Abbey in the car with us wherever we went. We miss her!
Somehow we ended up with a deaf room where we were staying, so each time we got to our room we would ring this little doorbell and it had kind of a strobe light effect in the room. We loved this little feature ha and we were always sure to ring the doorbell before we entered the room!
The boys thought we were crazy, but we were thrilled when we found hot chocolate in the hotel, even if it was 100 degrees outside!

     One of the nights we were up there Alex and I were able to meet up with one of his mission buddies and go hot tubbing with some of their friends. It was so fun to meet him since I had heard so much about him. 
     I was really sad to say goodbye to Abbey, but I know that she is exactly where she is supposed to be. We love you Abbey!

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  1. I love it. I'm cracking up at Hans posting all the insta's and not getting the joke. Haha I love Hans!