Thursday, March 19, 2015


 Thursdays are my very favorite, no school, no work, no clinic, yay! Our days seem to fill up quick though! We started the day by going to Linc and Jett's gymnastics review, they were so cute and they did such a good job. After their review we me up with Alex and went to Pizza Factory for lunch with the whole crew, yum! Kambree and I had some time between lunch and Ryker's baseball game so we headed to target to pick out some Easter goodies. Grandma Gates bought Kambree some suckers at Ryker's baseball game, and she loved them. Lucky girl! After Ryker's game we headed straight over to Snow Canyon to watch Kaleb play. We love baseball! After Kaleb's game we spent the rest of the night at home playing with our new easter goodies. Who would have thought Kambree would love the ears, and the easter eggs, I can't get enough of that little bunny, she was cracking us up all night.

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