Monday, March 23, 2015


Mondays are so tiring, but nothing Grandma's drawer of bags can't fix haha Kambree could empty those drawers over and over all day long if we let her. After a day spent at Grandma's we went to watch Alex play softball. It was all fun and games until we realized Kambree had a fat lip! I'm sad I didn't get an up close picture of it, it was pretty big! After I realized it was big I was in a panic because there had been bees outside my parents house that day. I called my mom and we both were freaking out a little bit, okay kind of a lot. After the games we took her to my moms and put her under a light looking for a stinger or some sort of hole, there was nothing and we were so relieved. She must have bumped it on something and we didn't notice, she is so active these days. & these two babies up there and my favorite, his mom and I are not so secretly wishing they would get married one day ha! 

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