Sunday, March 1, 2015


Kambree is eight months old today! She is army crawling everywhere, and sometimes she gets in a few real crawls. She can get from laying on her tummy to sitting down by scrunching up and bringing her legs under her. She discovered herself in the mirror, she loves little kids, she has started waving when we say "hi" or "bye," she says ba-ba all day long, but occasionally we get a ma-ma. She can pull herself up to things now and she loves to be standing up! She has a courtesy laugh that sounds more like a goat or a lamb, it is hilarious. She is so interested in food, she wants to eat everything we eat, especially waffles and muffins! I am loving this stage, Kambree is so active and loves to play. She started cutting her first tooth today, here we go! We love you Kambree!

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