Saturday, April 4, 2015


     Easter Saturday was a busy busy day! It was also conference weekend! We watched the morning session at home before we headed over to Hans and Lori's for lunch with all the Hafen's. After lunch we headed to the Hafen corral for an Easter Egg hunt. Next year I am voting for the little kids to just do it on someones lawn ha. Lets just say sandals weren't the best choice of shoe for this easter egg hunt. Kambree has this thing for Easter eggs, she loooves them! Honestly one of the best purchases I have made as a mom, she plays with them all day long! Kambree earned a dollar from the Easter Egg hunt & got five more from Grandma Ramona, lucky girl! Kambree had so much fun with all her cousins, she loves them!
     After the egg hunts we went over to my parents house to swim in their new pool! It is so nice and I am so excited to have access to a pool whenever!! We are going to make good use of that pool! Kam absolutely loves to swim and I love that it wears her out and she is always ready for a good nap when we are done, win-win I say!!

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