Sunday, April 5, 2015


We call this "smash face" hahaha
Holidays with babies are so much fun! We had Easter all set up for Kambree when she woke up Sunday morning and I didn't think she would care too much about it, but I was wrong, she was thrilled!! Kambree loved her little grocery cart, walker, honestly I have no idea what it is supposed to be, but she really likes to cruise around the house with it and carry her Easter Eggs around the house in it! We watched the morning session of conference at home, we love conference! Then we headed over to my parents for lunch and the afternoon session. Then we had our Easter dinner at Grandma Gates' house! We always have so much fun at Grandma Gates'! There are so many babies around the same age, we are in serious trouble at lake powell this year! We will have so many one year olds!! They are hilarious when they are together and they are the cutest group of cousins, i love them all!! Grandma Gates has dressed up like the bunny and passed out Easter Eggs with a $5 bill inside them as the song "here comes peter cotton tail" plays ever since I can remember. It is the cutest tradition, she is such a good sport! I love this Easter tradition! Happy Easter everyone!!

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