Sunday, October 5, 2014

a visitor at clinic!

When I had Kam I missed two weeks of clinicals. They let me use my free day in the last two weeks though, which they normally don't allow so I ended up having to make up sixty hours. They told me I could make them up after the program ended in April since I still wasn't feeling very well but I figured I could bust out the sixty hours and be done with it. I would hate to have those sixty hours hanging over my head! My mom watched Kam while I was at clinic and Alex worked. She was able to bring Kambree in a few times so I could feed her which was so nice! One day she was making all sorts of facial expressions and being such a happy girl so I had to take lots of pictures. Going back to clinic was so hard on this new momma. I loved having these pictures to look at when she was gone. I couldn't delete one of them! 

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