Sunday, October 5, 2014

back in the hospital

After doing the z-pack and antibiotics I still wasn't feeling like myself again. Dr. Lunt started getting worried that I might have a blood clot in my lungs and he sent me straight to the emergency room. Thank goodness my mom was able to come over and watch Kambree while Alex took me in, I was really happy to have him there with me. I ended up getting a CT scan to make sure it was just fluid in my lungs instead of a blood clot. We were thrilled when we found out it was just fluid. They decided I needed to go see a pulmonologist and we ruled out a blood clot. For a while they talked about admitting me to the hospital and I prayed and prayed they wouldn't. I didn't want to be back in the hospital especially with a brand new baby at home. Everything worked out and we got to go home a few hours later.

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