Monday, October 27, 2014

Vegas (with a) Baby!

Kambree's first trip to sin city was very eventful to say the least! Before we even left the house she had a blowout and when I went to change her she peed all over the mat. So before we even hit the road she had to have a shower and a change of clothes. She slept basically the whole way down which was soo great! My mom had to make a return to Nordstrom Rack so we went there first. I decided to wait in the car and feed Kam while I waited for them. After I was done feeding her I thought we could go inside and look around. Maybe two minutes after we got in the store my hand felt a little wet, I looked down and there was poop all over my hand! What a stinker. We went right back out to the car and I was changing her on the front seat. This is where it gets worse. After I got her clothes off and her diaper off SHE PEED EVERYWHERE. The seats in a car are tilted back so pee was running all down my moms seat. I was dying, I didn't know if I should laugh or cry, I think I did a little of both. By then I was holding a naked little girl wiping her down and people were giving me weird looks. It was terrible. I finally got her cleaned up and dressed and all was well in the world. The rest of the day went really well Kambree was such a good girl! She loved laying in the stroller and looking around at everything in the mall. We had California Pizza Kitchen for lunch, my favorite! It was delicious as usual! Kambree was really good on the way home too, we decided Don Pedros would be perfect for dinner. They were super busy that night and they put us in a corner where they kind of forgot about us. After a really long time of waiting Sadie starting doing really weird things to try and get their attention and we were all delirious and laughing our heads off. I can't wait until Mitzi and Macey get home and they can join our vegas crew again. It's not the same without them, but we sure had a fun time!

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