Tuesday, October 2, 2012

a winner + another giveaway {closed}

Congrats Karen Palmer, for being the winner of the microderm! We had a little bit of a mix up on the giveaway since it was actually posted in two different places! Oops! So we ended up just combining all who entered in both places and choosing from there! 
but guess what... we decided to do another giveaway,
this time there will be no mix up since we are doing two separate giveaways! 
The one here on my blog is for glitter toes! 
I have had my toes done twice now at E'lan and I must say they are the best I have had! My aunt Jody brought out all the stuff on our family trip to Lake Powell, and they lasted me until September 11th when I helped with flood clean-up and a whole lot of red mud stained my toes so I had to take them off. (it also helps that my toes hardly grow at all though so i had no regrowth ha) The best thing about them though is they don't rip off your toenails when they do end up coming off! 
our lake powell-houseboat set up
{my toes, no judging!!}

here's how to enter:
1: you must "like" the "E'lan A Full Service Salon," on facebook
2: you must post on your timeline about the giveaway something like this...
      "I just entered an amazing giveaway from e'lan salon!  At toriandalex.blogspot.com"
    ... you know, something to that effect.. you must tag E'lan A Full Service Salon (and since you've liked the pages, it will be easy!) and post a link back to my website. 
3: Leave a comment on this blog post saying you liked the page and posted on your timeline, and please leave your email address!! 

extra entries:
you can tweet about the giveaway, or post about it on your blog! Just leave a comment for each entry please! 

the giveaway will end on October 15th!

p.s. if you are interested in shellac... there will be a giveaway on the "E'lan A Full Service Salon" facebook page, so keep your eyes peeled! 


  1. http://www.facebook.com/abbey.hafen

    POSTED! holler. I want to win.

  2. I love that color!


  3. I wanna win! maddifrei@gmail.com

  4. you go to lake powell alot too? we have a tradition to go as a family every single summer and I love it. I've always wanted to go on one of those houseboats though it looks awesome! I've been hearing about this shellac nail stuff alot lately and I want to do it!

    The House of Shoes

  5. oh and I am DYING to know. How did you get your blog header to go all the way across your blog? Mine is stuck in the column layout and I want my blog to reach the whole page like yours. Love your layout! :)

    The House of Shoes