Sunday, October 14, 2012

just about two weeks ago

October 1st we headed out to the lake with my family {i realize that was kind of a while ago, but life has been crazy and I am determined to get caught up}! It was one of the best family nights we have ever had.  It was a bitter sweet trip since it will be one of the last trips of the season, i am ready for fall, but I'm a sucker for summer lake trips. There is nothing quite like a day full of sun and being able to leave all worries alone for a while. Life has been pretty crazy the last couple weeks, but i'm sure i will post all about it soon! {hopefully}
we made Kaleb go first because none of us dared get in the water yet, it was pretty cold!

 This little boy was rockin' it out there after a whole lot of convincing! He fell on the first attempt but popped right up on the second try for a pretty long time! We somehow talked him into going one more time, and he popped right up, but with the other leg forward!! After he had gotten back in the boat we all told him how awesome he was for being able to ride with both feet forward. After he realized that it was really cool he bragged about it for a while and it gave us all a pretty good laugh! We love that boy!

Thanks for the fun time at the lake Alex, best family night yet! 

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  1. love this post! such fun piceys. love you Tor!

  2. Such a darling family! Tori... I'm totally with ya girl! I love the fall weather, and dressing for fall, and decorating for fall, and family activities to do in fall... but I'M A SUCKER FOR A SUMMERTIME LAKE DAY!!! ;) Looks like so much fun!