Thursday, October 18, 2012

happy birthday mitzi and macey!

Today is my little sisters 18th birthday! I am so happy to have had them in my life, they are seriously the best. They are only 14 months younger than i am so we have been pretty close since, well forever. i know we didn't have the greatest relationship during our high school and middle school days, but i LOVE how we have become so close. They both have such different and unique personalities and i cant image life without the two of them. I also love when people think i am the twin to one of them, they are both gorgeous girls, and so sweet and caring too. Happy Birthday girls, and good luck at state soccer today macey! I love you two to the moon and back! Thanks for being so good to me, I am so grateful to have you two as my sisters! 

They are so great they even dig my wedding ring out of the toilet when i knocked it in through the back as i was getting in the shower one day! {even if i had to pay them ha} 

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  1. awww, sisters! This is adorable, I love these pictures of you all. and I see you're using the Simple template on Blogger, so am I-but I can't get my header to stretch all the way across my blog like yours. What did you do? I love the look of your blog you're so cute!!!

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