Saturday, February 1, 2014

20 week ultrasound

I went in for my normal OB appointment on Wednesday this week. We listened to the heartbeat - 146 perfect!! The doctor would go back and forth from my heartbeat to hers and it was amazing how much faster hers was than mine. After my appointment the doctor wanted me to schedule my 20 week ultrasound. Well all the open slots for the next week were all during my classes. My schedule is really hard to work around. Then she asked what I was doing right then. I didn't have anything going the rest of the day, so she snuck me in! I tried to call Alex but I couldn't get ahold of him until after the ultrasound was already over. The ultrasound was amazing. The tech knew I was a radiography student so we went over all sorts of anatomy that she normally wouldn't do with everyone. We saw that she had two kidneys, a stomach, a bladder, all her vertebra, and they were neatly lined up, yay! Her cerebellum was measuring 1.93 which is crazy because I was 19 weeks and 3 days! The tech said the cerebellum is always really close to how far along you are until 24 weeks but we were exactly on! She was being a little bit of a sass during this ultrasound. She had her ankles crossed and her arm draped over her face, she looked so relaxed, it was so funny. We had to get measurements of her head but she wasn't very willing to move and her head was so far down. But after some convincing (pushing on my bladder, i thought i was going to pee my pants) she finally moved and we were able to get measurements of her head. There is nothing i love more than ultrasounds. I LOVE seeing that sweet little girl! 
 We had to get a side profile picture, check out that belly!! Also notice the arm draped over the face ha:)
 The tech turned on the 3D machine for a minute so we could see what on earth she was doing with the umbilical cord. That is one cute face!
You can't see her face very well in this picture but it is a prime picture of her belly and hands ha! 


  1. YAY!!! 20 week ultrasound was my FAVORITE!!! 45 whole minutes of looking at the little guy?!! BEST!!! Congrats girl. Excited to follow this little babe you're cooking.

  2. Those hands are to diiiiie for! I love her already.