Sunday, February 23, 2014

Valentines Day!

     We kind of spoiled our own Valentines Day this year. Alex got himself a watch a few weeks before so I told him he couldn't wear it until Valentines ha, easy for me, i'm not complaining! Alex got me a Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag it came in the mail maybe five days before Valentines Day and he just wanted me to open it right then, he was soo excited about it ha.
     I worked the morning of Valentines & Alex did homework. After I got home Alex went to the driving range with one of his friends and then we did a seafood boil at my parents house. It had sausage, corn, shrimp, and potatoes in it, YUM! Then we had cheesecake for dessert! After dinner we went to Snow Canyon's basketball game and it was kind of lame, they lost by quite a bit! After the game Alex and I went to Nelson's Frozen Custard, our very favorite. Alex got bumbleberry and I got chocolate almond. We pick those two every time, they are the best flavors! Then we went home and watched the all-star game. We are sooo romantic ha.

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