Tuesday, February 25, 2014

for grandpa

Sunday was Kaleb's 15th Birthday. We were going to have a really great day! Alex and I didn't have church until 1:00 so we kind of just hung out during the morning. It was a beautiful day outside and we love our Sunday mornings together, we don't get to see each other too often during the week. We love Sundays. We got all ready for church and showed up at 1:00. No one was there. Hello Tori! It was stake conference and we had completely missed it. Oops. We had even talked about it in our YW meeting on Wednesday. I have completely lost my mind. Since we didn't have church we went home and changed and went over to my parents house. We were having a birthday dinner for Kaleb. Prime rib roast, mashed potatoes, asparagus, rolls, salad, and pie! Yum! 5:00 rolled around and everyone was ready to eat, except my grandpa hadn't shown up yet. He is always early, where was he? He was a little confused the night before on what time the dinner was supposed to be so we figured he would be there by 5:30 and that we might as well eat. Dinner came and went, Alex and I had to leave since I had new beginnings for my Young Women that night, and I had to go early to set up. Around 7:00 my parents decided that they should drive over and check on my grandpa since he never showed up to dinner and he wasn't answering his phone. As they were getting off the freeway my mom said she felt sick to her stomach, and my dad said he felt the same. They got to his house and noticed the front porch light on as well as the TV. My dad had my mom stay in the car just in case. After knocking and ringing the doorbell my dad finally let himself in. He found my grandpa in the bathroom. He must have been getting in the shower the night before and passed out as he was getting in the shower, but this time, he didn't wake up. My dad found him hunched over the bathtub and the shower curtain had been pulled down. My mom looked inside and saw my dad get a blanket and cover him up since he wasn't dressed. My dad came out to the car and just shook his head. They called the police who came and took it from there. I was at New Beginnings when my mom called me. I didn't answer, and I wondered why she would be trying to call, she knew I was at New Beginnings. I texted her and said the program was still going on. Her reply, "Grandpa's dead." I immediately lost it. How did this happen? He wasn't sick, he hadn't been in the hospital, he just simply didn't show up for dinner. I immediately left and Alex and I went over to my grandpa's house even though my mom had told me not too. I didn't know what else to do. We ended up taking my mom home and leaving my dad with the police. My dad didn't want my mom to see her dad being carried out of his house in a body bag so he waited until they came to pick him up, then he locked up the house and came home. The last couple days have been hard. It was really unexpected and i think that's the hardest part. I am so grateful that he has made his way back to the temple. I know he has been reunited with his parents and other family that have already made their way to heaven. I'm grateful for my grandpa and for all the support he has shown us. He didn't miss any activity of anyones and he loved his grandkids more than anything. I will miss you grandpa, I love you!


  1. This brought me to tears, Tor. I'm so sorry to hear this! That's so great he made his way back to the temple, and it's great to know that families are forever during times like this. I always loved hearing all the great/funny stories about your grandpa! He seemed like one of a kind :) Love you!!