Wednesday, May 14, 2014

31 weeks!

How far along: 31 weeks (less than two months to go!)
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 22 lbs.
Maternity clothes: The four maternity shirts I have, and the dress i bought are staples! I wear them more than i probably should! Although still stretching out my regular shirts one by one as I attempt to squeeze into them. 
Belly button in or out: Flat? Does that count? I don't think my belly button is capable of popping out
Sleep: Every night is different! Some nights I wake up to pee 20 times and sometimes i sleep all night!
Best moment this week: Easter! One of my favorite holidays! I am really looking forward to the 4th of july! Little miss will be here then!
Miss anything: Things are going downhill fast in the energy & comfort department, really missing being able to keep up.
Movement: So many knees & elbows!
Cravings: I wouldn't say I crave it but fruit always sounds yummy!
Queasy or sick: In the mornings after I take my acid reflux medicine and have to wait 30 minutes to eat anything... I fight throwing up every day. One day this week I actually ended up throwing up! I do not miss that 3 times a day!!
Looking forward to: I finish my second semester of the program this week! YAY! I can't wait to spend time in the sun & getting this girl here! 

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