Sunday, May 4, 2014

Alex's 24th Birthday!

On Alex's Birthday we both had class, so I woke up super early to study since I had a test, then I made waffles for breakfast, yum! I was planning on doing breakfast in bed but then he walked into the kitchen sooo so much for that. I let him open up his gear pro in the morning, but I made him wait for his other present until later! I think he really liked it, we are excited to take it to the lake this summer!
For Alex's birthday lunch we went to one of his favorite places for lunch! Red Lobster!! It was delicious! He hates being sung to so I made sure to tell them it was his birthday;) We also gave him the driver he has been wanting at lunch and he was soooo excited. He said he was wanting to go get it after lunch if I didn't buy it for him using his birthday money ha! So glad i got it!! We still ended up going to the golf store after lunch because there was a deal that if you buy a driver you get some other golf club for free! Since I had just bought the driver Jordan had us return it and re-buy it so we could get the other golf club for free, Alex was giddy. As we were leaving Jordan said soo 7:00 tonight right? I just started laughing and Alex was so confused. I had a little surprise party planned except i forgot to tell them it was a surprise, I just figured they knew ha whoops! It was still fun though, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner with some friends, Alex LOVES B-DUB-DUBS and I hate it, but it was his birthday, so we went. 
 After dinner we headed to our house for ice cream cake, YUM! Alex didn't know about this either so that was fun, I love surprising him! Hope you had a good day sweets, I love you soo much!

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