Tuesday, September 4, 2012

birthday boy

Today is my dad's birthday! My mom surprised him with a brand new camouflage razor ATV , and I don't think I have ever seen my dad so giddy! He could not wipe the smile off his face.  
My dad is really the best of the best. I love how he makes a big deal about anything I do. When I started running a pathetic 1.5 miles each morning he was SO PROUD, and made me feel so good about myself. Anytime I do well on a quiz or make a lot in commission one day at work I always like to tell my dad, he always lets me know how proud he is of me. I really love that about him. He is such a sweetie, and he treats my mom so well. I love that he takes us girls out hunting. Although Mitzi and I still complain {and now laugh}, and probably will for the rest of our lives complain about the time we were stranded in the mountains for a few hours. Mitzi had ripped her pants and fallen into a cactus and when I fell asleep while we were sitting there I was woken up by a deathly scream. A tick had started digging into her leg. It was seriously so funny, oh and then we could have sworn we heard the song, "bottoms up" playing somewhere in the mountains, but hello, we were the only ones there for miles. It really is the best memory and I am grateful that my dad left Mitzi and I there while he and my uncle walked like ten miles to the car ha that is one story I will never forget. I also love that my dad supports us in everything we ever chose to do. I know he didn't love coming to watch me cheer all the time, but he never missed a game, and it meant a lot to me. I also don't know how he deals with all us kids. We are not an easy bunch. Five kids in five years, and four of them being girls, then Ryker five years later! Thanks for everything dad, you really are the greatest. I am also glad that I will always be your little pumpkin even if I am not so little anymore! Love you!


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