Wednesday, September 5, 2012

labor day weekend

This Labor Day weekend was a busy one for us! On Friday we bought a new car, and sold mine! It's a GMC Terrain and I seriously love it so so much! Saturday, we both worked, helped my family move, and then headed up to Pinto for a Hafen family reunion. After we had dinner and visited with family for a while we drove through Pinto into Pine Valley to spend the night at our cabin! On our drive Alex started feeling really sick, and didn't know if he was going to make it home without puking. {he actually got food poisoning from the family reunion ha ha oops} I said if you feel like puking you better get out of this car ha I was not about to have puke in my car! We made it back to the cabin but Alex was pretty sick all night! My mom figured Alex would appreciate some sprite to help his tummy so we drove to Veyo for sprite. When we got to Veyo everything was CLOSED! So we ended up driving clear back to St. George for sprite ha! We didn't get home till late but it was really pretty fun! I loved having some time to talk with my mom and my sister Sadie! Sunday was my Grandma's birthday so we had all the cousins over for a big dinner! We had homemade Cafe Rio which is always a favorite! Monday, Alex and I both had to work but it was also my dad's birthday, so after work we went to visit him and check out his sweet Razor ATV he got! Labor Day weekend was such a fun one, I am so glad we got to spend time with both sides of our family! 

How weird is it that the lock and unlock is right here?

 I love this little spot in my car, Its a perfect for my camera!
Something pretty great about my new car is first, that it has a clicker lock! On my little Civic I always locked and unlocked it manually. Something else I LOVE is the bluetooth! Alex set it up for me, and I really love when people call me while I am driving. Sometimes Alex calls me when he knows I'm driving because he knows it makes me so excited ha what a good guy I have!!

I hope everyone had a good Labor Day Weekend!


  1. Cute Tor! ;) Now you may just need some little ones to fill up that sweet SUV of yours! haha! Glad you guys had a fun weekend... minus A getting sick! :(